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Astnaga Sangraha of Vagabhata Sutrasthana


Author B. Rama Rao
Publisher Chaukhambha Viswabharati
Language English & Sanskrit
Edition 2006
Pages 544
Cover Hard Cover
Size 23 x 2 x 17 (l x w x h)
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Astnaga Sangraha of Vagabhata Sutrasthana Aştängasangraha is one of the important authoritative texts of Ayurveda. Among the ancient Ayurvedic classics it is said that Carakasamhita is the best for cikitsa, Suśrutasamhita for sarira, Madhavanidana for nidäna and Vägbhața for sūtrasthäna. Sütrasthāna is the section which deals with the funda- mental principles and philosophical background of all Ayurvedic topics. Carakasamhita and Suśrutasamhita and other classics are composed long before. Aştangasangraha or Astängahrdaya of Vägbhata. Ancient classics laid stress on any one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, whereas Vägbhata’s Astängahrdaya and Astangasangraha deal elabroutely with all the eight branches as well as the fundamentals. Astangasangraha is the comprehensive composition and the presentation and classification of topics are very system- atic and the information is extensive. The sūtrasthāna of Astangasangraha deals with the fundamental principles required for all the branches of Ayurveda and its study is necessary for getting deep and profound knowledge of the fundamentals of Ayurveda, related to all the eight branches.

Due to this reason only it has been prescribed for the Ayurveda courses. English translation of this valuable treatise with necessary explanations and notes to make it readable and understandable for the students, teachers as well as researchers of Ayurveda is very much necessary. This requirement is now fulfilled by Dr. B. Rama Rao. Important points from the authentic commentary Sasilekha by Indu are added apart from notes and explanations to get a clear understanding of the text. Comparative information on topics from other samhitas is also given wherever necessary. Thus it is a valuable contribu- tion for the students, teachers and scholars of Ayurveda interested in the deep study of Ayurveda.


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