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Illustrated Caraka Samhita Volume 1


Author R. Vidyanath
Publisher Chaukhambha Prakashan
Language Sanskrit & English
Edition 2023
ISBN 978-93-88299-51-0
Pages 1134
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 5 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Illustrated Caraka Samhita Volume 1 Caraka Samhita is considered as one of the best compendia in the literature of Ayurveda and hence it has been given the status of Brhattrayi. As a teacher of Samhita it is my long-cherished dream to translate the entire text of the Caraka Samhitā into English with Cakrapani commentary. The objective of taking up this project is that the core concepts of the compendium should reach to every Ayurvedik student. According to CCIM Syllabus Caraka Samhitā has been divided into 2 parts viz. Pürvärdha and Uttarardha. Pūrvārdha consist Sūtrasthāna, Nidānasthāna, Vimānasthana, Särirasthana and Indriyasthāna, whereas Uttarārdha consists the remaining sections such as Cikitsāsthāna, Kalpasthāna and Siddhisthāna. We have planned to complete the entire project into 4 volumes. The first volume is Sūtrasthāna and completed successfully within the stipulated time. The second volume contains Nidānasthāna to Indriyasthāna. The third volume consists Cikitsāsthāna and the 4th volume contains Kalpasthāna and Siddhisthāna and will be published shortly.

Salient features of the 1st Volume :

• In this book the original Samskyt text of Cakrapani commentary has also being composed and then translated sentence wise into English in a systematic manner for better understanding by all the readers.

• This book is having the unique feature of presentation of nearly 700 illustrations and tables wherever necessary for easy remembrance of subject.

• The Nyāyās (maxims) mentioned by the commentator have been explained in detail in the text box separately to highlight their importance in understanding various concepts for the benefit of P.G. Scholars.

• This book is also supplemented with the following Annexures

a. Important essay questions and short notes.
b. Important Slokas to be learnt by heart.
c. Alphabetical index of herbs along with their botanical names.
d. Glimpses of Caraka Samhita Sūtrasthāna
e. Rare pictures of Charekh Danda


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