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The Aphorisms of Siva


Author Mark S.G. Dyczkowski
Publisher Indica Books
Language English
Edition 2007
ISBN 81-86569-07-3
Pages 247
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code IB0067
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The Aphorisms of Siva The Siva Sutra was revealed to Vasugupta by Siva in order to counter the effects of dualism. This revelation initiated the hermeneutics of synthesis and exegesis climaxed by the great Abhinavagupta. The Siva Sutra is the most important scripture in the Trika system of Kashmir Shaivism. As a book on yoga, it explains the nature and cause of bondage and the means to liberation from bondage. To Bhaskara’s commentary, the author has added his translation of an anonymous commentary as an aid to understanding Bhaskara’s interpretation. This anonymous writer also serves as a bridge between Ksemaraja’s and Bhaskara’s commentaries, drawing from both.


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