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Astanga Hrdaya Of Vagbhata Sutrasthana And Maulika Siddhanta


Author Dr. B. Rama Rao
Publisher Chaukhambha Visvabharati
Language Sanskrit & English
Edition 2022
ISBN 978-93-81301-84-5
Pages 345
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Astanga Hrdaya Of Vagbhata Astänga Hṛdaya by Vägbhata is a popular treatise of Ayurveda. It is one of the three big compendia called Brhat-trayi, the other two being Carakasamhitä and Suśrutasamhita. Though ancient classics of Ayurveda deal with all branches and topics, it is said that Carakasamhitä predominantly deals with medical treatment while Suśrutasamhită deals with śalya or surgery. But Astängahrdaya, as the name itself suggests, explains all the eight branches and topics, with more stress on Sütrasthana (theories and fundamentals) in a lucid manner in verses to the extent required for a good practitioner.

In Indian literature, more than ten books are known as composed by Vägbhata. Among them Vähatanighantu, Astängahrdaya, Astängasangraha, Vamanakalpa, Padarthacandrikā, Vägbhațakośa and Rasaratnasamuccaya appear to be Ayurveda works. Vägbhața I or Vrddhavägbhata, Vägbhata II or Vägbhața, Madhyavägbhata and Rasavägbhața are the four authors known in Ayurveda literature. Of the above four, Madhyavägbhața is known from the quotations in Ratnaprabha commentary by Niscalakara of Cakradatta and there are no other evidences to support this. Rasavägbhata is the author of Rasaratnasamuccaya and is definitely different and later than the authors of Astängahrdaya and Astängasangraha, which are much earlier to Rasaratnasamuccaya. The identity of authors of Astängasangraha and Astängahṛdaya is controversial.

Both Astängasangraha and Astängahrdaya are popular works. Vägbhata, author of Aştängasangraha states that he compiled the work as an essence of all earlier classics. He was the son of Simhagupta of Sindhu region. Father and grandfather of Vägbhata were also great Ayurveda scholars. Vägbhata of Astängahrdaya states that he compiled Astängahrdaya after churning the ocean of Ayurveda called Astängasangraha, indicating indirectly that he is the author of Astangasangraha also. Many similarities and identical passages are found in these two works apart from differences in some views.


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