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Brahma Siddhi (ब्रह्मसिद्धि:)


Author Prof S. Kuppuswami Sastri
Publisher Chaukhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Language Sanskrit
Edition 2010
ISBN 978-81-7080-339-3
Pages 310
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code CSSO0184
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ब्रह्मसिद्धि: (Brahma Siddhi) The Text of the Brahmasiddhi is based on the undermentioned manuscripts :-

A. It consists of 184 leaves of 8-9 lines to a page of which Foll, I to 55 contain the text; Foll. 56 to 184 contain the commentary thereon by Śańkhapāņi. Leaves 13 to 16 are cut into two: Foll. 14 wants the right part. Leaves 12 to 17 are slightly cut. Leaf 48 is cut and wants the right part. Leaves 49 and 50 are cut into two. Leaf 51 is slightly cut. The manuscript was obtained on loan from the Naduvil Matham, Trichur, Cochin State. The text is complete and the commentary is incomplete. The manuscript is neither old nor recent and is slightly injured.

B. (Śrītāla) palm-leaf manuscript obtained on loan from Tekkațțu Mana, Khumalanallur, Malabar District. Consists of 122 leaves of 7-8 lines to a page. The manuscript is old, mostly uninjured; but the manuscript is smoky and the border lines are difficult to read owing to blackness. Leaf No. 1 is broken at the edges.

C. This was first copied for the Library but subsequently purchased from Payyür Patteri, Porkalam, Malabar District. It consists of 135 leaves of 8 lines to a page. It is old and fragile. It contains 36 leaves of Vedanta Saptaśatī and 99 leaves of Brahmasiddhi incomplete. (Vide R. Nos. 3250 and 3579 of the Tri. Catalogue of the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Madras.)


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