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Confusions in Advaita Vedanta


Author Dennis Waite
Publisher Indica Books
Language English
Edition -
ISBN 978-9381120293
Pages -
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code IB0005
Other "The author has maintained a website at advaita.org.uk for the past 20 years, which contains hundreds of articles and details of resources, books and teachers. 'Advaita Vision' was begun 10 years ago at advaita-vision.org to host more general discussions, together with over 500 questions and answers, which led to the book 'Answers... to the Difficult Questions' in 2019. It was primarily through these that he was able to discover those areas of the teaching that cause the greatest confusion amongst seekers and this, in turn, was the prompt to write this book. The content and style throughout are aimed to be relevant both to the beginner (so that he or she may avoid the pitfalls) and to the advanced seeker (so that any remaining confusions may be resolved). It will also appeal to the academic student aiming to investigate the related topics and clarify the issues that have been the subject of debate over the centuries"


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