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Golden Rules for Living Your Best Life


Author Swami Mukundananda
Publisher Rupa Publications
Language English
Edition First Edition
ISBN 9355207883
Pages 336
Cover Paper Back
Size 13.97 x 2.11 x 21.59 cm
Item Code AZ0108
Other "The untapped potential of every individual is the biggest tragedy of the human race. The primary reason for this is our lack of awareness of the processes, tools and techniques needed to unleash it. While life is a do-it-yourself project, there is no user rule book that teaches us to deal with the complexities of human life. Would it not be nice if there were a manual for life as well? The Atharva Veda states: dve vidye veditavye … parā caivāparā ca(Mundakopanishad 1.1.4) ‘To triumph at life, one must possess both spiritual and material wisdom.’ Every successful person is either already blessed with this wisdom or has acquired it. This book not only bridges this gap, but also equips you with the proper knowledge needed to effectively navigate your life. Learning it will unleash your abilities and unlock your potential to thrive in your endeavours. In this book, Swami Mukundananda brings together a hundred gems of wisdom to constantly elevate the quality of your life in five key areas—spiritual and emotional wellness, good health and well-being, harmony in relationships, professional fulfilment and financial abundance. If you can effectively manage these five dimensions of your life, all the other aspects are automatically transformed. This, in turn, will enable you to become the best you can be, today and every day, and win the game of life."

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