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History and Time


Author Alvaro Enterria
Publisher Indica Books
Language English
Edition -
ISBN 978-9381120194
Pages -
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code IB0038
Other "The modern West accords great preeminence to ""History"", and therein situates, for the most part, the essence and meaning of humanity. Classical India on the contrary perceives history to be merely the manifestation, with innumerable forms, of archetypes situated on a different level. Instead of conceiving of time as linear and neutral, as the scientific vision does, India regards it as qualified and cyclical. One of these cycles is formed of the four eras (known in Greco-Roman antiquity as the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron ages) throughout which, while life becomes less simple, there is a progressive degeneration in the character of humanity. According to Hindu tradition, we are at present in the Kali Yuga, or ""Age of conflicts"", where the basest passions of men are dominant, to the detriment of virtue (dharma). Nevertheless, living in the Dark Age also has unexpected advantages. "


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