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Illustrated Astanga Hrdaya


Author Dr. R. Vidyanath
Publisher Chaukhamba Surbharti Prakashan
Language Sanskrit & English
Edition 2023
ISBN 978-93-82443-86-5
Pages 546
Cover Paper Back
Size 18 x 3 x 24 (l x w x h)
Item Code SUR0026
Other Astanga Hrdaya Text with English Translation and Appendices

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Illustrated Astanga Hrdaya This book Astanga Hrdaya : Sūtra Sthāna is first of its kind in the history of Ayurvedic literature, which has been presented with a maximum number of illustrations for better understanding the subject matter by the freshly joined students of Ayurveda. As a teacher of the concerned subject for the past 15 years, the author has identified the necessity of proper study material in English language to cater the needs of 1 year BAMS students. Keeping this in view the author has made an attempt to incorporate the translation of the text along with the related matter compiled from other Compendiums in the form of notes. The book is supplemented with Annexure containing Important Essay & Short Questions, Important Slokas to be learnt by heart, Alphabetical Index of the Herbs, Table of Weights and Measures, Glimpse of Astanga Hrdaya and Glossary of Sanskrit Terms. The present text book is primarily written for undergraduate students of Ayurveda as per latest CCIM Syllabus 2012. However, it is hoped that Teachers, PG Scholars and General Practitioners would also find it useful as a reference book.


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