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Irritable Bowel Sysndrome (I.B.S.) An Ayurvedic Perspective


Author Dr. P.V. Kulkarni, Dr. R.N.Tiwari
Publisher Bharatiya Vidya Sansthan
Language English
Edition 1st edition, 2020
ISBN 978-93-81189-78-8
Pages 98
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 2 x 21 (l x w x h)
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Irritable Bowel Sysndrome In Ayurvedic classics the basic approach to the concept of health is essentially psychosomatic in nature which was related to the state of equilibrium of physiobiochemical factors namely Dosha, Agni, Dhatu, and Mala and a state of well being of mental and spiritual forces (Atma, Indriya, and Mana) Rajas and Tamas are the morbid factors affecting the mind & Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the morbid factors affecting the body. When they are in the State of equipoise, the body and mental health is good but when it becomes disturbed, the diseases may occur.


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