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Kama Samuha (कामसमूह)


Author Amal Shib Pathak
Publisher Chaukhamba Publications
Language Sanskrit & English
Edition 2008
ISBN 978-81-89798-14-7
Pages 268
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code CSS0133
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कामसमूह (Kama Samuha) The awareness of sex and the accumulated knowledge on sex over centuries of human existence on earth crystallised in beliefs and rituals among pre-historic people. Thus the fertility of fields under cultivation was linked to fertility of women. They believed that fields needs to be communicated about fertility of women. The accompanying ritual was for women to strip naked in the fields so that the sexual organ of women are exposed to the fields and sexual union in the field was the natural extension of his ritual.

Even to this day news of aborigines, primitive people striping naked in the fields is reported from various corners of the world. In Bengal the course of rain was sought to be influenced by a naked woman placing an utensil under the earth in the field in the dead of night even during 20 cen- tury. In the countries of central America it is a practice to select a man and a woman to perform sexual intercourse in the field for better harvest. Various rituals denoting sexual intercourse are performed even in many parts of our coun- try with the same objective.


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