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Mohiniyattam Training and Performance


Author Anitha Moorthy
Publisher New Bharatiya Book Corporation
Language English
Edition 1st edition, 2023
ISBN 978-81-8315-520-5
Pages 272
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code NBBC0076
Other A Study Based On Natya Sastra


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Mohiniyattam Training And Performance This book [Mohiniyāttam- Training and Performance : A Study Based on Nātyaśāstra], is the revised and edited version of my Ph.D. thesis. This is a study of the training and performance of Mohiniyāttam, the most attractive classical dance form of Kerala based on the basic text on theatre in Sanskrit, Natyaśāstra of Bharata. Mohiniyāttam has spread its wings as a classical dance form all over the world but its training is still limited to the traditional pattern that is followed by Gurus and shisyas for many decades. The present style of performance has synthesized various aspects of its presentation from many other art forms like BharatanÅtyam, Kathakali and the folk dances of Kerala.

The training method and different terminologies used for the various aspects of training like steps, movements and Abhinayas are confined to local usages in regional language but the art form has very significant features in all its performance aspects related to classical treatises on dramaturgy in Sanskrit like the Natyaśāstra of Bharata. A serious attempt to connect such aspects of Mohiniyattam with Natyaśāstra mainly has not been attempted before. So, a study of Mohiniyāttam and its presentation aspects related to Nātyaśāstra is done in this book. I hope it will be helpful for those who wanted to learn the art form in a systematic way with the help of proper terminologies and explanations.


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