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Padarhta Jijnasa


Author Dr. Vaibhav Dadu
Publisher Chaukhambha Viswabharati
Language English & Sanskrit
Edition 2023
ISBN 978-93-91730-07-9
Pages 348
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Padarhta Jijnasa Ayurveda has survived and flourished because of its strong foundation in the form of basic principles. The basic principles of Ayurveda are based on the Indian philosophy, the Bharatiya Darśana. The ultimate reality of life and the permanent end to all the pains and sufferings is explained in the philosophical schools. The intriguing and perpetual questions of the existence with all its pros and cons can be solved with the tenets of Indian Philosophy. The reasoning is the base of any science that owes its origin to the Philosophy as the latter provides a vision to investigate the hidden and the unknown truth, which is the purpose of science. This intricate relation between the Ayurveda and the Indian schools of philosophy or the Darsana can be visualized in the development of the basic principles (Maulik Siddhānta) of Ayurveda. The Indian Philosophy (darśana) has influenced the fundamentals of Ayurveda. This mutual trustworthy relation along with the maintenance of their individual self-esteem as per their objectives is remarkably visible in both i.e. Ayurveda and the Indian philosophy (darśana).

It becomes necessary for the aspirants of the Ayurveda to be acquainted with the philosophical background of Ayurveda viz. Padartha Vijñāna. The Padartha Vijñāna talks about the systemic study of the philosophical background of Ayurveda and tries to highlight the basic thinking of Ayurveda essential for proper logical understanding of clinical application of the Ayurveda concepts.

This is a fact that Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine which needs to be updated in line with the recent scientific developments in the medical world. The millions of people are looking forward to Ayurveda as a ray of hope towards the maintenance of health and cure of the ever increasing menace of the disease. The rising expectations can be met with the continuous and sincere effort to upgrade the quality of the Ayurveda education leading to skilled BAMS doctors to serve the community. The National Commision of Indian System of Medicine, NCISM has toiled hard to produce an apt syllabus of the first year BAMS curriculum including the vital subject of Padartha Vijñāna. The inclusion of modern teaching methodology in this syllabus shall boost the education of Ayurveda.

The newly designed syllabus of Padartha Vijñāna has brought an amalgamation of the ancient wisdom and contemporary science. This shall help in the comprehension of the subject in a better way. The addition of non-lectures and activity based learning is a welcome move by the NCISM. This book entitled ‘PADĀRTHA JIJÑĀSĀ‘ has been designed in accordance with the new syllabus of Padārtha Vijñāna implemented by the NCISM, New Delhi.

I hope that the students and knowledge seekers of Ayurveda shall find this work helpful in understanding this rather difficult subject in an easy manner. There are a number of textbooks available in the market on this subject but this work shall certainly be a different work’. This is a sincere effort to produce a qualitative work with brevity of words. The author has tried to bring the best for the scholars but there may be some inadvertent mistakes and errors, for which author pleads for apology and requests for suggestions for the betterment of the work.


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