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Quest for Truth followed by Time, Space and Man


Author Banamali Lahiry
Publisher Indica Books
Language English
Edition 2001
ISBN 81-86569-20-0
Pages 65
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Quest for Truth followed by Time, Space and Man This book presents an article published in 1963 and since translated into Spanish and French, but being published in book form in English for the first time.

The book records the vision of a truth seeker unclouded by theological dogmatism or sectarian bigotry. It is a quintessential exposition of the direct awareness of reality unmediated by the inherently defective instruments we use in our efforts to gain knowledge. All our exertions to obtain authentic knowledge about Reality are foredoomed to be frustrated by the inbuilt constraints of our psychological organism. Hence we only grope in the twi- light borderland between the real and the unreal, mistaking the phantasms of appearance for the substance of reality. Thus the cen tral paradox in our search for truth is that in order to know Reality as it is the knower should disappear, ie the ego-mind should spon taneously dissolve itself in its substratum- the thought-free con- sciousness with which the ultimate Reality is homogeneous. With the dissolution of the ego-mind the subject-object dichotomy eliminates itself and Truth shines in its original effulgence.

Banamali Lahiry, retired teacher of Chemistry of Banaras Hindu University, belongs to a family of sages whose graphic description he has given in the ‘Epilogue’ from his personal expe rience. He expounds here the quintessence of the age-old Indian wisdom in a simple and clear way without technical terms, easily understandable to the modern reader.


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