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Author Dr. G. Prabhakara Rao
Publisher Chaukhamba Publications
Language Sanskrit Text With English Translation and Prabhakara Vyakhyanam
Edition 2022
ISBN 978-93-81608-73-9
Pages 838
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code CSS0105
Other Compendium of 1000 Plus Ayurvedic Formulations

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Sahasrayogam Sahasrayogam is one of the most important classics in Ayurveda compiled by Kerala tradition of Ayurvedic Practioners. This classic is a compendium of one thousand plus ayurvedic medicines involving almost all the pharmaceutical procedures. It is incorporated with very simple formulation of single ingredient to highly complex formulations with multiple ingre- dients, commonly used preparations, tested, trusted and experienced by kerala tradition of Ayurvedic physicians which are highly effective even present times also.Most of the Ayurvedic physicians in southern part of India are studying this book thoroughly and get the knowledge inorder to achieve the better results in day to day practice. Even general public of southern states of India also keep this book for ready reference to treat their ailments. As most of the reputed south Indian Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies are followed this text to manufacturing the drugs based on this text.

A good number of formu- lations of this book find place in Ayurvedic formulary of India and also this book is appeared in the list of fifty six authentic books of Ayurveda for all practical purposes. Presently it gains the popularity not only in southern states of India but also whole country and even in abroad.The editor and english translator presented this book in twenty three chapters in very systematically and methodically in addition to ten appendixes for better understanding of the subject matter in depth. Maximum cross references, clarity of the text with multiple side headings, modern measurements (metric system), schematic presentation of the formulations and commentary apart from dual index (formulary index as well as page index) are few salient features of this book.

This compendium is definately beneficial for the Ayurvedic practitioner, drug industries, student fraternity, teaching faculty and also research scholars as it contain all kinds of formulations to treat various types of diseases.


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