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Vedas and Upanishads for Children


Author Avinash Agarwal
Language English
Edition First Edition
ISBN 9355644604
Pages 196
Cover Paper Back
Size 20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm
Item Code AZ0085
Other "Vedas and Upanishads for Children is an exhaustive book that aims to answer the following questions by delving deep into the teachings, findings, and facts of both Vedas and Upanishads. 1. What are Vedas? 2. What are Upanishads? 3. What are Puranas? 4. Are they still relevant? 5. What are their implications on the life of students? ✍ The book Vedas and Upanishads serves the purpose of both children and adults, who want to read Vedas and Upanishads but somehow find it difficult to understand. This book has been written in simple, lucid, and easy to understand manner ✍ The teaching of Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas have been presented in this book through 11 mesmerizing Vedic stories along with student takeaways at the end of every story. ✍ Also, at the end of each chapter there is a special section called ‘Reflection Time’ for readers where they can answer questions, which will give way to important life concepts and summarize their learnings. ✍ This book serves as the gateway to profound teachings of these sacred scriptures. It will enlighten the minds of the readers by taking them into the world of illuminated sages. By exploring the rich tapestry of Vedic and Upanishadic wisdom, readers will gain invaluable insights that can inspire and guide them towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life."

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