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Vidura Niti


Author -
Publisher Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language Sanskrit & English
Edition 6th edition
Pages 144
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 1 x 21 (l x w x h)
Item Code GP0122
Other Code - 2001

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Vidura Niti Vidura Niti is a well-known and highly beneficial part of the Mahābhārata. In these chapters, Mahātmā Vidura has explained to the King, Dhitarastra several issues relating to human welfare in this and the other world. The following extract consist of eight chapters (33-40) of the Udyoga Parva of the Mahābhārata. Several Sanskrit commentaries have been published on the Vidura Nīti.

In these chapters, while advising on the duties of a king, that is Rāja Dharma, several other issues have been discussed in eye-catching detail. Some of these are: Polity, interaction, treatment of others, truthful behaviour, Dharma, means to achieve happiness and eschew actions that lead to suffering, discrimination between undesirable and desirable qualities, importance of renunciation, different facets of justice, Truth, human welfare, forgiveness, non- violence, attributes of a friend, and consequences of ingratitude. The author has lucidly delineated the duties of a king while stressing upon the virtue of giving up greed.

Vidura Niti will benefit the illiterate as well the learned, the adults, the aged and the young, the women, the rulers and the subjects, the rich and the poor, the teacher as well as the student, those busy in serving others, and those desirous of living a clean and happy life.

The Ślokas have been translated in simple language. We hope that Indians of whatever class or region they might belong to benefit from this book.


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