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A Comprehensive Study Of Few Metres From The View Of Poetics


Author Shreehari Vasudeo Gokarnakar
Publisher New Bharatiya Book Corporation
Language Sanskrit Text With English Translation
Edition 1st edition, 2023
ISBN 978-81-83155-23-6
Pages 236
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
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A Comprehensive Study Of Few Metres From The View Of Poetics This book is not a mere thesis inclusive of ample information. It is a systematic, practical, and comprehensive approach to the Applied Science of Vedas, Chandahsastra. This research has thrown light upon the journey of Vedic metres to the Classical metres Various stories in the Vedas in connection with Vedic metres captivate the minds of readers. The topics like the real term for the Gana system, the mathematical base behind its specific order as MaYaRaSaTaJaBhaNa, and the binary base of metres are some of the key features of this research. The role of metres explained in Dramaturgy and poetics are rarely discussed before. Many rhetoricians have tried to get some connections of metres with particular Rasas. The contribution of this research in this regard is extensive.

The author has applied a new method called Srujanam Method for fresh Sanskrit compositions which can be utilized by new upcoming poets at the beginning level He explains how metres help to compose your ideas in a very systematic manner He not only has shared some techniques to compose a Sanskrit verse in unknown metres but also has given noteworthy tips to create new metres along with their specifications. In brief, this book reveals the secrets of the researcher’s mastery of Sanskrit compositions that can be experienced through his youtube channel. Sanskritshree which is dedicated to Sanskrit Cover Songs!


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