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Bhrgus A Study


Author Jayanti Panda
Publisher B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language English
Edition 2023
ISBN 978-9391123611
Pages 200
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Bhrgus A Study The subject of ‘Bhigus’ or ‘Bhargavas, a prominent clan of Brahmins of Ancient India has been variously explored by scholars, who have tried to view it from different dimensions. The authoress, extends this subject of ‘Bhrgus’ to an all encompassing perspective. Bhrgus dominate the immense corpus of Indian mythological literature from the earliest Vedas to the latest Puranas. With the addition of various interpolations by the Puraņas, epics etc. it becomes necessary to study the all round development of the Bhrgus. With this aim in mind, the book tries to present, an integrated, cohesive picture of the ‘Bhrgus’ as they appear in the Sanskrit texts.

It explores the origin of Bhrgu and the development of his descendants through the ages. In doing so it delves deep into the concept of ‘Bhigu as mythical sage’, their (Bhrgas) associations with the fire-cult and their significant contribution to the Vedas with due emphasts on their Atharvanic tradition. In addition to this, it amplifies the various accounts of the Bhargavas in the Vedic mythology. It throws light on their interrelations, functions leading to a systematic geneology. It imaginatively, probes both the resplendent side of Bhrgus, as the ominiscient, omnipotent supermen, and also their darker side; as arrogant, revengeful characters. It accords due importance to Bhargavas as the promulgators of ‘Bhrgusauphita’ and also deals with their astrological and astronomical traditions,

The book leaves no stone unturned in the study of Bhrgus. It thus tries to reveal the diverse religious, social and cultural history of the country, opening new avenues in this field. It would greatly enlighten the wholars and the persons who are interested in the rich cultural and religious literature of India. Dr. (Mrs) Jayanti Panda received her B.A. (Hons.) anri M.A. (Sanskrit) degree from Utkal University in 1974 and 1976 respectively She was conferred the Ph.D. degree for her research on the cultural and religious history of India, with particular emphasis on the study of the Bhargavas, a prominent clan of Brahmins of Ancient India. She is member of All Orissa Association of College Teachers and also a member of All India Oriental Conference, Poona. Besides working as a lecturer in Samkrit, M.S. College, Baramba, Cuttack, she is at present actively engaged in the further research on the Angirasas in Ancient India, and is also contributing informative articles to various research journals of India


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