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Mathematics in Ayurveda


Author Vaidya Mrs. S.A. Gokhale
Publisher Chaukhamba Publications
Language Sanskrit & Hindi
Edition 2013
ISBN 978-81-89798-12-3
Pages 172
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code CSS0136
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Mathematics in Ayurveda The importance of contemporary sciences was well known to our ancesters. They used it to elaborate the concern subject. This monograph ‘Mathematics in Ayurved’ is devoted to the use of mathematical principles in Ayurved. Ayurved is a science of life and mathematics is a language of science. To the rear of every established statement of science, there is mathematics. The Ayurvedic treaties are nearly 3000 years old. They are time tested. In every part of Ayurved, mathematics and life science go hand in hand.Mathematics is involved in Sharir Rachana, Sharir Kriya, Nidan and Chikitsa. This subject is elaborated and proved in this monograph.

This is a unique work. Not only ancient indian mathematics is used for this purpose but some principles of modern mathematics are also successfully applied to Ayurved. This will not only give new dimension to the study of Ayurved but it will also be useful to physicians, teachers and scholars of Ayurved to understand the Ayurved properly.


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