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Rasaabhiyaana The Literary Heritage of Rasa Shastra


Author Dr. Shobha G. Hiremath
Publisher Chaukhamba Publications
Language English
Edition 2016
ISBN 978-93-81608-77-7
Pages 253
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Rasaabhiyaana The quest of human beings for long and healthy life has been existing, since the time immemorial. This desire culminated in the discovery of Mercury along with other minerals, metals, drugs of plant and animal origin and also the procedures to convert them into safe and potent drugs for human use. This knowledge of utilization of metals & minerals along with herbs, for therapeutic purpose is known as ‘Rasa-shastra’ in Ayurveda. The literature available from the past to modern times clearly signifies that the knowledge of Rasa-shastra was initially meant for the conversion of base metals into precious metals like Gold and Silver with the help of Mercury. This science was known as ‘Loha Vedha/Dhatuvaada’. Subsequently importance was given to the discovery of drugs, utilizing mercury and other metals to prevent and cure the diseases. This branch of science came to be known as ‘Deha Vaada/DehaVedha’.

The Loha Vedha, as an art and science originated and developed in India even 2000 years before Christ, and it continued to flourish upto the 3rd century AD. Subsequently, Deha Vedha became a specialized offshoot of Loha Vedha. The literary records are the proof of the development of human mind; its experiences, its ideas, its truths and revolution in different fields of science including that of Rasa-shastra. To trace out the milestones of Rasa Shastra reviews of various texts of Vedic. Samhita, Medieval, Pre and Post Independent period are helpful. The present book ‘Rasaabhiyaana’- The Literary heritage of Rasa-shastra is an honest attempt made to establish the periodical revolution as well as evolution observed in the field of Rasa-shastra. Efforts of this kind will not only help to understand the evolution of Rasa-shastra but will also help to face the examination of Rasa- vangmaya, one of the subjects of post graduate course in Rasa Shastra. The book, ‘Rasaabhiyaana’, consists of the quintessence of 44 books of Vedic period to current period. These books have been critically screened and a brief but vivid picture of their contributions to the field of Rasa-shastra has been precisely envisaged. The reviewed matter from all the books are arranged in the order starting from Vedas, Bruhatrayees, Laghutrayees, Nighantus, Other Ayurveda related texts, Rasa texts and the Official texts. Each book has been reviewed to trace out various factors and are portrayed under different captions. viz (a) Name of the text (b) Period (c) Author (d) Commentaries and commentators (e) Translations (f) Editor and Editions (g) Publisher and Publication (h) Number of volumes (i)Salient features of each chapter (j) Contributions (k) Pitfalls and (1) Author’s opinion.


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