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Recent Advances In Ksarasutra


Author Dr. Martha Bhaskar Rao
Publisher Chaukhamba Publications
Language English & Sanskrit
Edition 2023
ISBN 978-81-89798-63-5
Pages 356
Cover Paper Back
Size 15 x 4 x 22 (l x w x h)
Item Code CSS0101
Other Recent Advances In Ksarasutra - Ksarasutra in the Light of Contemporary Medicine with a Critical Review

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Recent Advances In Ksarasutra There is no shortage of books in the field of Vyavahära Ayurveda. However many are not perticularly related to those who are trying to learn as no proper book is available written in English according the curriculum, prescribed by C.C.IM with the knowledge of contemporary science wherever required.
The aim throughout has been to develop a sense of pro portion toward the subject and a grasps of its fundamentals. The language throught is simple, illustration are instructive, sequence of topics logical and comprehensive gathering/coberage.

This is a text book where efforts have been made to render a service to all Ayurvedic undergraduate students, postgraduate scholars and faculty by ensuring transparency and by covering all the aspects and concepts of the subject without ignoring the fundamentals in a single volume. I have reviewed various text books or journals in preparation of the book. I am grateful to all those authors. Suggestions credible, comments from readers will help in improving/upgrading the book in subsequent editions. I feel my efforts are fruitful if this is proved to be useful to medical students and other concerned with this subject.

My vocabulary is insufficient to express the gratefulness to Dr. G.S. Lavekar, Director General, CCRAS, New Delhi. Petty words are unable to convey even a fraction of grati tude and honour towards my parents, Ammaji, Swamiji. Their holiness is the polestar of my life. Last but not the least my thanks to my wife Dr. (Smt.) Shilpa Sekhar for all her support.It is said that, the proof of pudding lies in the eating. The popularity of the previous ‘Text Book of Agada Tantra’ inspired me to publish my next text book. It is hoped that this text book will be warmly welcomed like previous text book.


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