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Science of Consciousness Psychotherapy and Yoga Praxis


Author Ram Nath jha
Publisher Vidyanidhi Prakashan, Delhi
Language English
Edition 2015
ISBN 978-9380651972
Pages 392
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Science of Consciousness Psychotherapy and Yoga Praxis It is most likely that some people may question ‘Consciousness’ is designated as one of the independent discipline of modern science. In this connection it should be noted that from Indian perspective ‘Consciousness’ has always being considered as an established science since time immemorial. The Sanskrit words like Jnana, Cit, Santvid, Vijnana, Prajnana and others have been frequently used in Sanskrit literature for the ‘One Supreme Consciousness the ultimate reality. It has its own technology and fulfills all the conditions not only for the discipline of science but also that of the ‘Art’ as well and such concepts have been improved upon from time to time along with the experiential depth whenever deemed necessary.
The second sub-head, ‘Psychotherapy’ should not be considered again as a misnomer to represent only for the ‘Curative’ aspect of treatment of mental ailments only as it also cares for the restoration of the previous status of health of the individual and much more than that for adopting additional measures for further protection, preservation and promotion of health as an upward ascent through temporal to transcendental one i.e. the optimum fullness of the health continuum as envisaged by ancient Indian seers and sages. This forms part of creative psychotherapy.
Next, the term ‘Yoga Praxis’ is not only inclusive of the yogic techniques, procedures and other relevant phenomena but along with that the word praxis sums up the entire realm of yogic practice adopted by the practitioners. It is more comprehensive than the simple term ‘Practice’ as the former refers also to the principles that inform various practices. Praxis is closer to principles than to simple term ‘Practice’. It is the applied principles as distinct and differentiated from static theories. It is here that the paper writers have given more emphasis to reveal the principles involved along with practices these are applied to. Therefore the Sanskrit word Sadhana is an appropriate equivalent to praxis. Both East and West have their own vision of historical heritage. Indian vision of science of consciousness is anadi (no one knows the beginning point of this tradition) runs from pre-Vedic era through Upanisadic, epic etc. and gets maturity by the time it reaches its apex during Brahmasutra of Badarayana, Sri mad bhagavad gita, Yogasutra of Patanjali, Advaitavada of Acarya Sankara (8th – 9th century), Saivagama period of Kashmir (Between 8th & 13th century AD.) and so on. Their relevance in present times and conditions need to be gauged and validated by scientific experiment. Moderni period belongs to the latest development in science and technology more particularly discoveries made regarding the absolute nature/truth of reality (Atomic, Sub-atomic particles, Quantum Research etc. all inclusive).

Present book titled ‘Science of Consciousness, Psycho therapy and Yoga Praxis’ comprises thirty scholarly papers and one slide presentation discussing important issues in the area of science of consciousness, psychotherapy and yoga praxis. This is the result of a sincere effort that will certainly appeal to the mind of those researchers working in the above mentioned area of research.”


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