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Siva Svarodayah


Author Goswami Prahalad Giri
Publisher Chaukhambha Sanskrit Series Office
Language Sanskrit & English
Edition 2nd edition, 2012
ISBN 978-81-218-0031-5
Pages 104
Cover Paper Back
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Siva Svarodayah The above lines are from a song I had heard long ago- and after all these years when I went through this book-Siva Svarodava somehow these lines leapt into my mind. The desire to know about the Future is there in the hearts of everyone-some express this desire and some show indifference, but everybody wants to know what the future has in store for him, whether he shall be successful in life, when shall he or she get marrried, a married couple is anxious to know whether they will be blessed with a son or daughter, some people even want to know for how long they shall live.

Siva Svarodaya-this ancient sanskrit text, provides answers to almost all such queries. It is the science which predicts auspicious and inauspicious results on the basis of the flow of breathing through one or the other nostril. This science was initially revealed by Lord Siva to Devi Parvati with a strict command to keep it a dosely guarded secret and reveal it only to desering persons. And infact it remained so guarded a secret so as to become almost extinct today. However, if a person adopts the methods and actions specified in this book, the utility and importance of the same would almost immediately become evident to him. If one follows all the aspects of this science. namely, the breathing nostril, the reigning element, the planetary combinations and the zodiac signs, he can make surprisingly precise predictions about the success or failure in any walk of life or for any purpose ranging from birth to death-both for himself and for others.

This Science becomes all the more important because it is based on facts and practical actions and not just superstitions and religious beliefs-so even the non believers can practice this science. It is a pity that the practice of this science is now becoming extinct, because if adopted with firm faith and dedication, the practice of this science would definitely prove beneficial in bringing prosperity in one’s life and helping him to avoid unforeseen calamities and difficulties.


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