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Bhargava’s Concise English Dictionary Anglo Hindi


Author Prof. R. C. Pathak
Publisher Bhargava Book Depot
Language English & Hindi
Edition 2017
Pages 768
Cover Hard Cover
Size 14 x 2 x 22 (l x w x h)
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Bhargava’s Concise English Dictionary Anglo-Hindi The rapid sale of the three editions of the Standard Illustrated Dictionary has encouraged the publisher to bring out a really useful, concise and cheap edition of the English Dictionary with a cast of scholarly accuracy and authority for the Hindi-knowing boys and girls of India. reference at the bottom of each page of the dictionary. For example, the sound of short E is represented by ऍ or and of long E by or, the sound of A as in ‘Part’ is represented by placing the sign (1) over the letter (e. g., lad- लॉड्), the sound of O as in ‘Pot’ by the sign (“”) placed over the letter (e. g. bond – बॉन्ड्) and the sound of ‘zh’ has been represented by placing two dots under the letter (e. g., measure मेज़र). As the final consonant of an English word is always pronounced as consonant (never mixed with a vowel) it has been represented as such in the Devanagari script.

Inflection of verbs (past tense and past participles), comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs, exceptional singular or plural forms of words, as well as masculine and feminine forms of words, have been given in brackets after the words. The utility of the Dictionary has been further enhanced by the insertion of several useful supplements.

In the compilation of this Concise Dictionary, the same plan which was adopted in the Standard Illustrated Dictionary has been adhered to. The explanations and meanings of words and phrases used in this Dictionary have been simplified as far as is humanly possible, giving easy assistance to the young reader in his search for knowledge.

It has been one of the chief aims of the compiler to include in this dictionary all the words, current among the educated people, including also new words, the uses of which have been duly recognised. For the sake of economising space, derivatives have been invariably given under the main root-words in the same paragraph, but where there is a substantial difference in the spelling of such derivatives, they have been separately treated.

The different parts of speech of a word with its meanings both in English and Hindi have been given under the same paragraph; where the meanings are obvious, they are not explained in English, but where different, they have been given both in English and Hindi. Important phrases and idioms which the space could allow, have also been inserted and explained.

Much stress has been laid on the correct and standard pronunciation of English words, which a young learner should take great precaution to learn. Accent marks (‘) have been placed over the last letter of a syllable, and the syllables have been separated by small dashes, serving as a guide to the main stress as well as to the pronunciation of a word. Special signs have been used for those vowel sounds which have no equivalents in the Devanagari script; these have been printed for ready”


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